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Hotel Tequendama has an important place within the social history of the country, for being a point of confluence of the political, social and cultural Colombian leadership, where the history of Colombian fashion became emblematic. On its mitical Red Room more than one of the pages narrating the future of fashion in Colombia have been written.

It was 1954 when a delegation of Parisian models exhibited the creations of the famous designer Christian Dior in that mythical room. From that moment the audience from the capital was for the first time exposed to a runway coming from Paris , the core of the international Fashion System. But in August,1966 and looking forward, a group of Colombian artists gathered in the same room, to answer questions about how the future of the Fashion was going to be, showing up like that the era called: La Moda del Año 2000

From that August in 1966, the country begins a crucial moment from the sensibility to the fashion, a movement of sinergies between art and design. Today, half a century later, looking what we have been, we are taking to this iconic hotel BCapital, where we will exhibit, discuss and express Colombian Fashion.


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