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BSmart will take place in different venues throughout the city of Bogotá, where these knowledge capsules will impact the productive sectors of the industry according to their segments.  Conferences are free to the public with limited spaces available.

BFashion will display various brand runways, designers, and young talents.  This axis is free but an invitation is required to attend.  These invitations are given out by the Brand or owner of each runway.

BCool will be held at Centro Creativo Textura and will include various atmospheres of the Fashion System, from a Pop-Up Store–a showcase of new talents and important commercial brands–with the possibility of buying onsite, to a link with cuisine, art, photography, music and Fashion Films– turning it into an expression place.  If you are interested in attending BCool you may participate through the Inexmoda social networks ( @Inexmoda) through double entrances to the event. The contest will open the week of September 25 to 30, and all those interested in attending must publish a gif in their favorite place in Bogotá.

In order for you to participate as a designer at the event, the process begins with a nomination.  You must send us a brief of your work to the email below, including the following information:

Introduction to the brand

How long it has been on the market

Marketing channels

To whom the brand is aimed

Sector to which the brand is directed

Price range

Publications, acknowledgments, runways held, etc.

Photo gallery

The information will be sent to a committee of curators, who, after evaluationg it, will determine the best stage for your proposal, according to its level of development, taking into account that BCapital is an event that has two available spaces: BFashion (on-stage fashion) and BCool (Pop-up Store). After the curator process, Natalia Botero, in charge of the BCool axis, will be in touch with you and will give you all the necessary information for participation.

Those responsible for invitations are the brands and/or designers of each catwalk.

Entrance to minors during the three days of BCapital is prohibited.

More information:

Phone: (57 4) 6043 700